John: Lesson 4: Jesus’ Early Ministry: John the Baptizer and the Samaritan Woman (John 3:22-4:26)

Recap and Intro We now explore the fourth sequential section, revealing Jesus as the Fulfillment of the Old Covenant. Jesus provided new wine, implying He surpasses the best Judaism can provide (John 2:10). He showed Himself as the Temple’s fulfillment and what took place there (John 2:29-21). He revealed He, who came from heaven, fulfilled […]

John 4:5-26: Jesus Gives the Gift

Jesus sat down to rest Himself by the lip of Jacob’s well, the well that Father Jacob had dug in days of old.  Jesus was worn out from His journey.  And as He rested, His disciples went into the nearby village to buy some needed supplies.  And while He was resting, a Samaritan woman came […]

The Didache, Lesson 11: Being Brought into the New Covenant of Christ

The Didache now moves into what brings one into the community (communion) of Christ: Baptism.  To understand this New-Covenant act, we need to look at its Old-Covenant predecessor, which baptism superseded and replaced.  As God used an act of His choosing to bring someone into His Old Covenant, it’s easy to see how He would […]