Church History, Lesson 10: The Tradition is Passed On: Irenaeus

Intro Irenaeus (135-202 AD) came from Smyrna in Asia Minor, which today is Izmir, Turkey.  Born between 130-140 AD, he studied under Polycarp (AH 3, 3:4; “Letter to Florinus” Eusebius’ Church History, 5, 20:5-8).  He provides a valuable account of the 2nd century Church, both East and West, bridging the end of the Apostolic Fathers […]

From Adam to Jesus, Lesson 1

Learning to Read the Old Testament with a Christian Heart and Mind Introduction Many of us have started to read the Old Testament with a blessed purpose: to learn God’s truths.  So, we start on page one, as we do with any other book.  Fortunately, Genesis has many captivating stories.  Later, in Exodus, we even […]