Mark 9:29-39: How to Understand our Bodies

With His new disciples, beginning their three-year course of instruction, Jesus teaches them, and us, on how to understand our bodies.  Now, this isn’t judging your status by the morning mirror’s reflection.  No, our Lord tutors us to gaze on our physical bodies through faith-filled eyes.  From Him, we learn to judge our well-being and […]

Isaiah 53:4-5, Wisdom 2:17-24, Matthew 27:41-43: Jesus eternally heals us

During these Lenten midweek services, we have pondered passages from the Prophet Isaiah. We considered the startling contrast between what Christ physically looked like in His suffering and how beautiful He is based on what He did, and does, to save us. Jesus had no stately form or majesty that we should look at Him, […]

Acts, Lesson 21: Paul Still in Ephesus–Healing through Paul’s Facecloths and Work Aprons

Paul Still in Ephesus–Healing through Paul’s Facecloths and Work Aprons By Pr Rich Futrell Paul Serving as Evangelist and Pastor  Read Acts 19:8 In Ephesus, where does Paul first go?   How long does he stay preaching and teaching there?   What does this say about the resistance that Paul first experienced there?   Read […]

James, Lesson 6 (Chapter 5): Warning, Patience, and Prayer

Warning to the Rich Scripture is clear that wealth isn’t something we are to place out trust in.  Of course, this is contrary to the way of the world.  Nonetheless, for the Christian, he is to trust in God.  For example, King Solomon warns, “The one who trusts in riches, this man will fall, but […]

Mark 1:40-45: Jesus Heals a Leper

Medically, leprosy was, and still is, a ghastly disease.  It’s a systemic, bacterial infection that infects someone’s nerves and upper-respiratory tract.  It permanently damages the skin, nerves, limbs, and eyes.  Until 1941, there was no cure.  Even today, in some areas, leprosy is still a significant, public-health problem. Socially, leprosy isolated someone from the community.  […]

John 4:46-54: The Hidden and Revealed God

When your child is sick, you feel powerless.  You want to heal your child, but the most you can do is to help the body heal itself.  You don’t have true power to heal.  Even antibiotics and medicines do not work without the body doing its part.  True healing happens without the body’s help.  And […]