Ecclesiastes 5:10-20, Luke 12:13-21: Enjoy All in Christ

In the realm of wealth, we listen today to an expert.  The teacher is Solomon, the wealthiest king of Israel.  To put his life in modern terms—he owned cars, houses, yachts.  Personal chefs, women, entertainment, the best food, an enormous wine cellar, gardens, and vineyards all occupied his life. In Ecclesiastes, he writes his report, […]

Ecclesiastes: Meaning in a Meaningless World

Mist rises from the ground, disappearing in the heat and is gone.  A vapor and nothing more.  The mother of all the living, Eve, held her newborn son, the second child ever born of a woman.  Even so, the paradise God created became an evaporating mist, awaiting its recreation on the Last Day. Eve gazed […]