Church History, Lesson 8: The Last of the Apostles’ Students, Ignatius and Polycarp

Intro Ignatius Ignatius of Antioch (35-107 AD) was the 3rd Bishop of Antioch.  Late in Emperor Trajan’s reign (98-117 AD), he was arrested for being a Christian, chosen because of […]

Church History, Lesson 4: The Didache, Pt. 1

Recap In 49 AD, the Church met in her first council to resolve issues of incorporating Gentiles into, then, an ethnically Jewish Church.  The Gentiles did not need to be […]

Lessons on the Didache

The Didache is the earliest, non-Biblical document in the New Testament Church.  It was complied by the Church to teach adult, Gentile converts aspects of the Christian Faith. The date […]

The Didache, Lesson 1: Introduction

The Didache: Lesson 1, Introduction January 1, 2012 “Didache” (pronounced: dih-dah-KAY) is the Greek word for “doctrine” or “teaching” (as a noun).  It has two titles: “The Teaching of the […]

Baptism in the Early Church: Part 3

DID THE EARLY CHURCH BAPTIZE INFANTS? Of the five existing apostolic churches, all currently baptize infants.  This leads one to conclude that the apostolic church baptized infants–unless the practice of […]

Baptism in the Early Church: Part 2

HOW THE EARLY CHURCH BAPTIZED Of the five existing apostolic churches, three baptize by, or prefer, immersion.  The Roman Catholic and Syrian Orthodox Churches baptize by affusion.  However, the Syrian […]

Baptism in the Early Church: Part 1

Baptism and the Early Church: The “How” and the “Who” A paper presented to the Springfield Pastors’ Circuit of the Missouri District, Jan 12, 2010 By Pr. Rich Futrell This paper takes […]