Luke 19:41-48: The Thresher, the Threshing Floor, and the Temple

A threshing floor is a violent place, of division and separation.  A farmer takes the cultivated harvest and casts the grain stalks on to a compacted floor.  Sinewy muscles stretch […]

Church History, Lesson 6: Christianity becomes Illegal

The Great Fire of Rome, 64 AD Backdrop The Roman Empire enabled Christianity to spread without the effort needed in earlier centuries.  The Empire’s unifying infrastructure aided the Gospel’s expansion […]

1st Maccabees, Lesson 2: Events Leading Up to the Maccabean Revolt

Historical Backdrop: 1:1-9 Read 1 Maccabees 1:1-9 These verses give the background, as a review to the reader, for the events that will follow.  This book was written for Jews, […]

Sermon: Luke 19:41-44

“Familiarity breeds contempt,” so the saying goes.  It means that we can be so familiar with something that we begin to consider it of little value.  This can even happen […]