Isaiah 55:1-5: Delight in the Richest of Fare

A water vendor, a part of ordinary commerce in ages past.  Most did not live next to a stream, and sometimes access to a well became problematic.  So, in typical entrepreneurial fashion, someone recognized a need and found a way to profit.  Thus, the merchant and customer both benefited. Still, is this not an unusual […]

David, Lesson 3: As King

David’s days as the privately anointed king on the lam are over.  During those years, several psalms describe where David was and how he was doing: Psalms 34, 52, 54, 56, 57, 63, 142. The Philistines killed Saul, allowing David now to step into his role as king.  Not all will be easy, for Saul […]

David, Lesson 2: A Man Fleeing for His Life

Relations between Saul and David worsen while it grows stronger with Saul’s son, Jonathan.  Jonathan talked some sense into his father and his pursuit to murder David stopped.  Still suspicious, however, Saul again tries to kill David, the “rival” to his throne.  David was not safe at the royal court or any permanent residence.  He, […]

Psalm 3: Arise, O LORD! Save me, my God!

People are more likely to pray when life is going badly than when life is going well.  It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.  The Old Testament book of Judges shows that exact pattern of a prayer life.  According to Judges, most people then would chase after what they wanted in life, forgetting about […]