Walking by Faith and Not by Sight in Christian Caregiving

As Christians, God calls each of us to “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  This means our orientation in life comes from God and His revelation to us, Scripture–even if they happen to contradict our experiences. Of course, we naturally want to do whatever works.  This is the business model (diagram to […]

The Cruciform Life in Christian Caregiving (Part 2)

Although the reality of having Christ within us is real because of being baptized into Him, we are still called to “imitate” Him.  This is because we are both sinner and saint.  Our sinful natures force us to be reminded of who we are and to live out our true identity in Christ. Even so, […]

The Cruciform Life in Christian Caregiving (Part 1)

The “cruciform life” is a life shaped by the cross of Christ.  It is a life based on who we are in Christ Jesus—and Christ Jesus in us!  It is a sacrificial servanthood that is breathed out and lived out in real time, not simply imitated from afar. This is the Christ for you becoming […]