Genesis 4:1-16: Whose Begetting What?

After giving birth to Cain, Eve lays her firstborn son to sleep. The mother of humanity experiences something new: the first blush of motherhood. Such joy as she breast-feeds Cain, […]

Genesis 4:1-15: Sin is Crouching at Your Door

In the store you are picking up a couple of items and close by a child is throwing a tantrum.  Angry words, screaming, the stomping of feet, echoes in every […]

Jesus, our Brother, has Come into the Flesh

Now in those days, it came to pass that a decree went out from the Prince of Darkness, the Prince of this World, that all the world should be taxed. […]

Genesis 4:1-15: Eve, Cain, and the Messiah

Luther’s translation of the German Bible rushes in where other translations fear to tread.  We see that in the first verse of our Old Testament reading for today.  There are […]