Starting on September 27, Journey with Us through the Book of Acts

The first time someone stepped into the arena to preach Jesus, he wanted all to understand—this Word of Christ is for everyone!  Such a day, which some christen as the birthday of the Church.  The wind of the Spirit swept down upon Jesus’ disciples.  Atop each person’s head, flames like fire flickered and danced.  Astonished, […]

Acts, Lesson 1: Introduction and Acts 1:1-8

Overview Author: St. Luke. Within the book of Acts, the author does not state who he is. Church tradition, reaching back to the 2nd century, identifies the author as Luke, the Gentile medical doctor and traveling associate of the Apostle Paul (2 Timothy 4:11; Philemon 24). Explicit testimony for the Lukan authorship of Acts comes […]