Promised Treasures


Here is our pastor’s newsletter article for February 2023, which tells of our Lenten Midweek services.


With a few blinks and the sun dwindling on the horizon, Lent will soon be upon us, arriving on February 22nd. Each Lenten season provides us another opportunity to relearn the value of repentance and turn away from sin. Of course, we don’t want to stop there but ponder our true purpose and the promised treasures in Christ Jesus.

Lent always foreshadows and prepares us for the joyful spring of our Lord’s resurrection from death. As the clocks chime us closer to Easter morning, each midweek service will bring us to behold the marvel of the Gospel since “faith comes from hearing” (Romans 10:17). What else? Sight, smell, taste, and touch, our physical senses giving the Gospel further depth to help us fully understand God’s saving message.

From Wednesday to Wednesday, we’ll explore, seek, and learn as we engage our senses in their ebb and flow. By focusing on the tangible—visible, touchable, with savor and scent—God’s eternal love may unfold for us more, seeping deeper into our lives. By such, let us learn to cling to the physical elements Christ uses to renew our hope as we journey through this world and the trials we face.

On Ash Wednesday, we’ll start with the ritual of ashes, marking our foreheads, tracing the cross of sorrow, and reminding us life is fleeting and fragile. Each week will follow, true to its course: pondering upon salt which preserves, water for life, light which illuminates, and bread as nourishment. Don’t forget palms for victory, waving in joyous welcome. Into Holy Week, we turn our hearts in reverence toward water and blood, wood, fragrant oil—and milk and honey on Easter Day itself.

These earthly elements will help remind us that the Lord’s love is an everlasting flame. May God’s timeless truths strengthen us and increase our joy since He is near us now, more than ever. Please plan to attend this Lenten season. Amen.