Holy Week Services

As we remember the way our Lord took for our salvation, we do so with three services this week:

Maundy Thursday, April 1: 7:00 PM, which is a Divine Service with a spoken liturgy. In this service, we will use parts from the oldest liturgies in the Church, including the liturgy of St. James (the New Testament Church’s first liturgy used in Jerusalem), the Didache, and others.

Good Friday, April 2: 7:00 PM, the most somber service of the entire year, our Savior dying to give us eternal life. This service is the most solemn service in the Church year, with the altar stripped of all its colors.

Easter, April 4: 9:30 AM, the Resurrection. As our Lord went the way of death, followed by the body’s resurrection, so does His way become ours.