Esther: Lesson 9: Origin of Purim and Conclusion

In our earlier lessons, we learned of Mordecai’s character, which showed him to be a self-serving person.  Last week, we learned about Mordecai’s Edict in the King’s name, which allowed the Jews to rid the Persian Empire of their “enemies.”  In total, about 75,000 people were killed.       The Jews Celebrate, not Their […]

Esther: Lesson 8: Mordecai’s Revenge

Haman’s plan to kill the Jews backfired and resulted in his death.  We also learned much about Mordecai and his character.  Though he is no Haman, he is both good and evil—and very self-serving!  Mordecai:  let Esther go to the palace, knowing she would be sent into a harem and become a “sex slave” (although […]

Esther: Lesson 7: Haman Gets His Comeuppance

Events at Esther’s banquet did not turn out as Haman thought.  He envisioned receiving honor but, instead, his nemesis, Mordecai, was honored.  Even worse, Haman walked beneath Mordecai, who was on horseback, proclaiming: “Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.”  When Haman returned home, his “wise men,” magi, […]

Esther, Lesson 6: The King and Haman

Esther went in to see King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) uninvited—and he was, in the end, delighted to see her.  He not only spared her life but even offered her “to the half of [his] kingdom,” pre-approving what she would ask of him.  Her gamble paid off!   Esther is playing the strategic game, especially as Haman’s killing […]

Esther, Lesson 5: Going to See the King

Confronted by Mordecai’s veiled threat that Esther will not survive Haman’s purge of the Jews, Esther decides to act.  She will go see Ahasuerus unannounced, which can mean execution if he is not pleased by her showing up without earlier approval.  Both Mordecai and Esther prepare.  What we now explore are the prayers of Mordecai […]

Esther, Lesson 3: Haman Plots the Destruction of the Jews

Esther enters the king’s court and after Ahasuerus spends the night with her, she becomes his favorite.  We now hear more specifics of what being in the harem of the king entailed.   Outline     Esther Meets the King Read Esther 2:12-14 “She was given whatever she desired”: Part of being a royal concubine […]